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Happy Holidays!

What’s Happening:

Snowed again on the Pass!  HWY 4 Closed


Time to winterize: cover your firewood, clean rain gutters/spouts, switch furnace filters and have some candles & flashlights ready and gas for your generators! 

Hello Neighbors…can you please:  Slow down while driving in our community…..we Thank you!

NEW Here is our Annual 2000/2021 Financial Report &:  MPOA 2021 Fall-Winter Newsletter Final

MPOA 2021 Spring Newsletter Final  

MPOA 2021-22 Budget

NEW Miniature Golf Course being installed in Murphys next to El Dorado Bank

NEW Cruiser’s Gas Station with Chicken on HWY 4 across from Cedar Center almost done!

NEW Blagen Road bridge is completed!  Looks GREAT!

Please conserve water during the drought! Thank you…. CCWD

Covid 19 Vaccinations/Boosters 2021 available @ CVS in Angels Camp,  Be safe!  Wear a mask!

 More current info at:  With the Covid-19 Vaccines here, we wish everyone a Healthy 2022!

NOTICE:  Our Next Board of Director’s Meeting will be: Tues, DEC 14th @ 7pm, in the #1 Cabin across from Chapel in the Pines, 2285 Cedar : Agenda to Follow    

We now have 3 Director vacancies to fill! If interested, please attend our meetings.

THANK YOU to our volunteer Board Members for all you do for our MPOA Community!

Here is our new welcome letter that we provide to all new members.   Nice Info:  OK to share!  Welcome to MPOA

*NOTE: The above Newsletter and Budget documents and annual $24 dues invoices and reminders have been mailed to ALL property owners. Checks only PLEASE! NOTICE: Members who purchased their properties prior to 1996 are exempt from paying the annual $24 Assessment.  Voluntary payments are appreciated.  ALL property owners are subject to the MPOA, CC&R and adopted Rules.  The Fall/Winter Newsletter contains current Information and Local Phone numbers.  Make sure your Title Company gives us info on your property purchase.

ALL BURNING HAS BEEN SUSPENDED!  US Forest Areas are closed due to Fire Danger. Updated Info on Burn permits and burn days can be found on Line   Online Burn Permits 2020

If you rent your property or occupy full time, PLEASE consider installing  a Metal, Bear Resistant, Trash Safe.  Any loose, open, wood frame corrals will be knocked over by the Bears and they will make a big mess!  Secured, Metal Trash Bins are available through ACE Hardware.  Well worth the investment!  Critters do this and will damage vehicles lookin for food.!  Weekly Trash/recycle waste removal is offered by Cal Waste.

Be Prepared…Bear Safe’s work for Bears, Racoons & critters too!!!  Please….Dont share your trash! Available through ACE Hardware

Your elected District 3 Supervisor is Merita Calloway provides current Local Info on her Newsletter:  Phone: (209) 286-9007

New Short Term Rental (STR) recommendations for owners are posted on our website.   If you short term rent (STR)  your home, use a Rental Service and maybe have a neighbor keep an eye on your property and report any problems.  Parties, Noise, too many occupants and blocking snow removal efforts can be a real problem. All Renters need to abide by our CC&R too!  

The Meadowmont Property Owner’s Association (MPOA) represents the owners of 1,421 properties in the residential subdivision of Meadowmont. Our purpose is to ensure the maintenance of member properties, help keep them aware of Fire Safe guidelines and help provide services to the Members as stated in our Governing Documents (CC&R).  We also try to provide services, that the membership & the Board of Directors determine to be necessary for the safe successful operation of the Association.  These are necessary to protect property values and the rights, interests, and privileges of all members and their respective properties.  The Association is a CA non-profit, mutual benefit corporation also Governed by CA State Corporation Law (Davis-Sterling).

Located adjacent to Highway 4, and the popular Arnold Rim trail (ART), Arnold, at 4000 Ft elevation, is renowned for its scenic Sierra beauty and convenient access to Bear Valley skiing, Sierra Lakes, boating, ART hiking, golf and Calaveras Big Trees State Park with numerous other recreational activities along with fine dining and wine tasting nearby.  Property owners & Visitors enjoy four seasons that include winter snows and wonderfully moderate summer temperatures typical of the Sierra Nevada.

MPOA strongly supports Fire Wise and Fire Prevention Programs.  Properties may be inspected for compliance with Cal Fire PRC 4291 at any time, year round.  Please keep your property fire safe for you,  your neighbors and everyone’s Insurance!!  

We are very Fire Wise and natural disaster conscious, and on this site have provided you with check lists and recommended ways of protecting yourself in case of an emergency, lost hikers, and County programs .  Efforts by Local citizens, US Forest Service and Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) are in the process of circumnavigating Arnold with a Fire Break.  Our fire prevention check lists and emergency evacuation information serve as guides for you to use to maintain your personal safety and that of your family, friends, renters for the safety of your property should a wildfire or other natural disaster occur in our area.  We are conscious of water conservation due to our drought and have provided the latest information on this topic.  Meadowmont Subdivision Firewise 2020 Certificate

 NEW Here is an updated list of Vendors who have been approved by EPFD for Tree and Brush removal services so owners can comply with PRC 4291 property clearing as stated here.  Lot cleaners list 2021 mod 7_28_21

NOTE: EPFD advised that they are inspecting vacant lots this year in Meadowmont and will send compliance notices for PRC 4291 violations!

Here is great way to check our local weather and road conditions  on a local, live, weather site on the internet with a Hwy 4 road view & Bear Valley live web cams (If there is power!). Check it out!

White Pines Lake NEW Gazebos!

PG&E continues  trimming and removing downed trees to clear their power lines. PG&E wants property owner’s written approval to remove trees under their power lines and to remove fire fuel and make our community more fire safe.  Removal of these PG&E trees in their easement DO NOT require HOA approval!  Members are asked to please sign, approve and return PG&E forms promptly so they can remove/trim trees affecting their power lines.  Rapid response is required to assure progress in this important effort to prevent fires.  PG&E may also turn off power during hazardous weather conditions.  Be prepared!

Calaveras County is responsible for the snow plowing of all the County roads!  Please direct your complaints to the County 209-754-6402 to clear the drainage ditch along the front of your property/County roadways.  The County has a new maintenance service response program that tracks and responds to service requests!  Maintenance of the culvert under your property driveway encroachment is the property owner’s responsibility.  

Here is the County Complaint form to submit for Code Compliance issues  2018 Updated Complaint Form

  • Member Complaints must be in writing & should be submitted on this Form; MPOA-HOMEOWNER-COMPLAINT
  • REALTORS, MEMBERS & Title CompaniesRequests for Real Estate HOA Escrow Disclosure Forms, Dues account questions and property Change of Address updates should be emailed to:
  • Here is the Association’s 2021 Certificate of Insurance from Next Step Insurance.  MPOA Insurance Disclosure & ACORD 25 Eff 4-16-2021
  • IMPORTANT: Click the link below for our MPOA BRC Architectural Modification Application and Tree Removal Request form.  ARC APP  Please submit specific “details” only of the proposed change.  The MPOA CC&R requires this form to be submitted and approved by the MPOA BRC (Building Review Committee) prior to doing any exterior changes to your property.  You may email this form to our Manager for review & approval at
  • Current Meeting Information will be posted on this website. Here is our voice mail message phone # (209)795-1973 .  Please speak clearly and provide your phone number & accurate property address.

Be safe, have fun and be Healthy!   Stay DRY!  HAPPY HOLIDAY Season!

Sincerely, MPOA Board of Directors & Management

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