County Drop Off Your Drugs

The annual Calaveras County “Drop the Drugs” event is coming up on Saturday, April 24, 2021 from 10am-2pm.  There will be two locations; The Calaveras County Office of Education, 185 South Main Street, Angels Camp and the Toyon Middle School, on Highway 12 between San Andreas and Valley Springs.

At “Drop the Drugs” day, residents can dispose of expired, unused, or unwanted prescription drugs.  Unfortunately, the collection sites are not equipped to receive any liquids or sharps.  Deputies will be at each site and will accept the material.   Please ensure that all identifying information be marked out or removed for the medicine containers. The service is free and anonymous, no questions asked. 


EPPOC is a local group of Association members that meets monthly at the Firehouse on Blagen Rd on the first Wednesday of every month @ 9:30 am. During the pandemic their meetings have been held via Zoom. The Minutes are created to share excellent current information on important Local topics

The group is comprised of Homeowners, Board Members and numerous City, County, Sheriff, Cal Fire, EPFD, & Business Owners with invited speakers. Guests are always welcome to attend. Invited speakers share current information on all sorts of local projects , activities and helpful announcements.

On their new website EPPOC.ORG you will find their current Meeting Agenda with prior meeting Minutes that we hope you will review to find out what is going on in Calaveras County & Arnold!

Call For Candidate to serve on the Board

Call for Candidate:  Our Bylaws call for our Board to consist of 7 Directors and Directors may serve consecutive terms.  The term of office, at this time, is one year and all our current 6 Directors are up for re-election and we have one vacancy.  Current Directors have all agreed to continue to serve the community.  Thank you to all our Directors for their time and efforts on the Board.

MPOA property owners are invited to run for office so their name can be placed on the ballot for our July 10, 2021 Annual Meeting.  If you are interested please contact our Manager NO LATER THAN April 15, 2021 so your name can be placed on the Ballot.

Info Share / Family Plan ahead for Missing Family Member…….

Advisory: MEDIA RELEASE Contact: Sergeant Greg Stark Release Date: February 9, 2021 Release Time: 3:50 PM Dear Don S, MEDIA RELEASE
Contact: Sergeant Greg Stark
Release Date: February 9, 2021
Release Time: 3:50 PM

Sheriff Implement’s Family Emergency Preplan Program
Emergencies involving lost or missing persons are understandably a stressful and traumatic occurrence. When the lost person has been diagnosed with special needs or disabilities, the stress level can be immense and at times overwhelming. Recognizing this, Sheriff DiBasilio will be implementing a new “Family Emergency Plan” program. The program focuses on gathering critical information prior to a lost person event. Before an emergency happens, families, loved ones and caregivers can sit down to gather information and complete the Developmental Disability and Special Needs Emergency Packet. Once completed, a copy of the plan could be kept in your car, at home, or shared with anyone (schools, adult day programs and daycare providers) who provides care or supervision for your child or dependent adult.
Completed plans can be mailed, emailed, or placed in the secure drop box located in front of the Sheriff’s Office headquarters, to the attention of: Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office Records Division. Email: or 1045 Jeff Tuttle Drive, San Andreas, CA 95249.
The plan will be kept on file for immediate dispersal to deputies and other resources that would be responding to search for the missing person, should the need arise.
Interested persons should contact Sgt. Greg Stark (209) 754-6500 for more information or go to the Sheriff’s website to access and complete the form.   For full details, view this message on the web.

Holiday Safety Tips

Monday December 14, 2020, 10:20 AM
Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office

The holiday season is generally full of festivities and family. However, seasonal activities can also increase your exposure to people who have Grinch-like activity on their mind. The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office would like to offer a few tips to help everyone stay safe and reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim.
• Pay Attention to your surroundings and watch for warning signs while shopping. If you feel you are being followed, find a well-lit and populated area. Call for help and make note of the person (and their license plate if they are driving).

• Go holiday shopping with friends or family. Walking in pairs may help deter criminals.

• Keep children safe: Have a plan in place that the child knows. Teach children that if they become lost they are to find a security guard or go to the checkout counter for help. Practice this while you are out shopping by asking your kids to point when they see a security officer or others who would be safe to ask for help.

• Hide your gifts: Thieves are just as excited as you are to bring home all of the presents that you purchased. Hide your shopping bags in the trunk or out of sight. It does not take long for a thief to take your items and leave damage to your vehicle behind.

• In the event that your purse or wallet is stolen, record credit card assistance numbers in your cell phone and in a safe place at home. Never record account numbers or other personal information in your cell in the event of your cell phone is lost or stolen.
MasterCard: 1-800-MC-ASSIST (622-7747)
Visa: 1-800-VISA-911 (847-2911)
American Express: 1-800-528-4800
Discover: 1-800-DISCOVER (347-2683)
PayPal: 1-888-221-1161

• Test your smoke alarms monthly to make sure they work.

• Be extra careful about locking doors and windows when you leave home.

• Do not openly display gifts in front of windows.

• Ask someone to pick up your mail or newspaper if you will be gone for longer periods.

• Do not hide the spare key in obvious places: under doormats, rocks, flowerpots and above the door.

• Inspect holiday light strings and discard any with frayed cords, cracked lamp holders, or loose connections. When replacing bulbs, unplug the light string and be sure to match voltage and wattage to the original bulb.

• Always turn off holiday lights when you leave the house unattended or when going to bed.

• Try to purchase a freshly cut tree, as they are more resistant to ignition. Keep your Christmas tree watered and away from open candles. Have a fire extinguisher near and know how to use it.

• Avoid connecting more than one extension cord together; instead use a single cord that is long enough to reach the outlet without stretching, but not so long that it can get easily tangled.

• You are the best eyes and ears of your neighborhood. Call and report suspicious activity as soon as possible.

New Election Rules

Due to SB323 New Election Rules are being added to our Documents. A copy of this document can be found on this website in the Document Section under CC&Rs. Member input can be submitted to the Board for consideration in writing or by attending a Board meeting which are held on the second Tuesday of each month. Date time & place can be found on our home page along with the meeting Agenda. Comments must be received prior to January 5th 2021.

Since there have been no comments from Member the Board will adopt these Guidelines at their next meeting,

Bear Alert!!!

We have reports of bear activity in our community due to food and pet treats that were stored in a vehicle.  Bears have a keen sense of smell.  Any food items can be an invitation to attacking you and damaging your vehicle!  Always be Bear Aware in the Sierra.

Dont let this happen to you!