UPDATED DEC 2017! Cal Fire / Code Compliance / VIP Information

The documents listed below will be helpful so you can be aware of Lot clearing requirements and Vendors and Services to assist you.

Some stats from this year VIP

Regarding 2017 VIP lot inspections: Because there are so many trees that have died, and because homeowners cannot easily remove the logs, the VIP fire inspectors will make the following changes to our inspection process this year:   We are asking that you treat piles of logs as you do your propane tank — rake to bare earth 10 feet around the piles. For slash and branches that you cannot remove, pile them up and rake around them. If you have scheduled a contractor to clear your lot, email the name and phone number of the contractor to: JillMicheau@gmail.com so we can verify your contract. Once we have confirmation from the contractor that they will be clearing your lot, we will waive the inspection of your lot.

Call PG&E to have your trees inspected and removed, if they pose a hazard to power lines.  800-743-5000

Cal Fire 4291  Improved Property Lot Cleaning Guidelines

Unimproved Lot Clearance Requirements  EPFD Unimproved Lot Cleaning Guidelines

US Forest Service Hazard Tree Evaluation Please use this form to report dead, dying and hazard trees in the US Forest

List of approved Tree Removal and Lot Cleaning Services Lot-cleaners-list-2017-as-of-3.29.17