Dear  MPOA Property Owner:

The Board of Directors for the Meadowmont Property Owners’ Association, Inc. (MPOA) would like to welcome you to our scenic and peaceful community. We hope you enjoy and feel at home here.

MPOA’s Bylaws state our ‘purpose’ that is:

Article II – Purpose: The purpose of the organization, a non-profit corporation, is to provide such services as the membership shall determine and which may be considered necessary to protect the rights, interest and privileges of the members and their respective properties, and to promote recreation activities, and to encourage the membership to participate in the enhancement of the natural beauty of our community.

As such, MPOA is your property owners’ association and serves as a resource for the MPOA community and its residents. The Association’s Board of Directors meets on the second Tuesday of each month (except July) at 7:00 p.m. in Meeting House #1 across from the Chapel in the Pines, adjacent to the Big Trees Market shopping area. You are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings, participate, join other community volunteers and just get involved with your property owners’ association. MPOA both welcomes and needs you!


The primary purpose of MPOA is to protect and enhance property values in our community. We abide by the Davis-Stirling Act, a set of California laws, and have posted our Governing Documents, minutes, agendas and other informational items of interest on the MPOA web site at www.meadowmontpoa.com. Please take time to visit the website which is updated frequently. Additionally, the website and Board members are a resource for a wide range of matters including Fire Prevention, Tree Sustainability and Removal, the Ebbetts Pass Property Owners Council (EPPOC), Neighborhood Watch programs, various social activities and the Annual Membership Meeting which is held each July.

Stream[1]Arnold is served by the Ebbetts Pass Fire Department, CalFire and the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department. Ebbetts Pass Fire Department does annual fire prevention compliance inspections of unimproved lots; CalFire does the same for improved lots. Ebbetts Pass Fire Department is the entity that will respond to structural fires in the community. The phone number for Ebbetts Pass Fire which is located at 1037 Blagen Road near the Arnold Post Office is 1-209-795-1646. The Business Office telephone for CalFire is 1-209-795-1542.

The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department, along with other county government offices is located at 891 Mountain Ranch Road in San Andreas. The Sheriff’s Department’s Business Office telephone number is 1-209-754-6500. The Sheriff’s office also has a community office/substation in the Meadowmont Shopping Center. The Arnold Sheriff’s community office may be reached by calling 1-209-795-0473. There are Neighborhood Watch programs in the Meadowmont area; however, Neighborhood Watch is not an MPOA sponsored program. For more information concerning Neighborhood Watch, call the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department.

Additionally, MPOA has county maintained roads. For more information regarding county roads or to report a hazard, contact the Calaveras County Roads Department at 754-6402.

The internet serves Calaveras County well and is a great resource for activities. Two great resources are the Calaveras Visitors Bureau at www.gocalaveras.com or the Greater Arnold Business Association (GABA) at www.greaterarnold.org. Needless to say, there are many others.

Please stop by one of our Association meetings and introduce yourself. You may also reach the MPOA office by calling (209) 795-1973.

Welcome to MPOA


MPOA Board of Directors